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Writing business emails and letters, telephone etiquette, preparing for visits, making presentations.


Eligibility: Students seeking admission to the Business Japanese Programme should have passed Level 3 of old JLPT / N 4 new JLPT conducted each year all over the world by the Japan Foundation (Government of Japan) OR Diploma Level of University of Mumbai.



Tuition fees: Rs. 3,960/- per annum. Registration:  Rs. 40/- (Fees subject to change)

Exam fees: Rs. 1,260/- (to be paid in December)


Duration: One Academic Year


Timings: 3 hours per week. In consultation with the teacher.



There will be two written papers of 100 marks each and an oral exam of 50 marks.

Paper 1 will test Kanji (Chinese Characters) and vocabulary.

Paper 2 will test comprehension skills and writing skills.


Standard of Passing: Minimum of 50% in written exam and 50% in oral exam separately.

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