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To improve the speaking skills this programme will seek to enable the learner to survive in Japan or to communicate fluently. 


Eligibility: Students seeking admission to the One Year Programme in Conversational Japanese should have passed Level 3 of old JLPT / N 4 new JLPT conducted each year all over the world by the Japan Foundation (Government of Japan), and may be given admission after they have undergone an entrance test and have been found suitable. The entrance test consisting of 2 papers as under shall be administered. (i) An essay paper in the subject. (ii) A paper to test the student’s general acquaintance with the subject. (iii) An interview or Diploma Level of University of Mumbai.



Tuition fees: Rs. 3,960/- per annum. Registration:  Rs. 40/- (Fees subject to change)

Exam fees: Rs. 360/- (to be paid in December)


Duration: One Academic Year


Timings: 3 hours per week. In consultation with the teacher.




Exam Pattern: There will be viva of 100 marks consisting of:


Aural Comprehension                25 marks

Dictation                                      20 marks

Reading                                       20 marks

Questions based on reading     20 marks

General Conversation                25 marks

Total                                            100 marks


Standard of  Passing: Minimum of 50% in written exam and 50% in oral exam separately.



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