M.A. in German Studies at the Department of German offers the choice of specialisation with Culture Studies or Translation. The M.A. programme is a credit based four-semester programme of 2 years. It shall comprise of common papers in German classics, literature, theory of literature, linguistics & stylistics, European cultural history, cultural studies, comparative aesthetics, didactics, theory and methodology of translation, literary translation, research methodology and concepts of philosophy and schools of thought. Students opting for the comprehensive M.A. in German Studies programme shall also have core courses on German film and current trends in cultural studies. Students opting for M.A. in German Studies with specialisation in Translation shall have core courses on Business & Commercial Translation, Scientific & Technical Translation & Translation of Patent Texts.

Guidelines for admission to M.A. in German Studies shall be shared soon.

Material for Entrance Test: 

*The entrance test consists of one paper, with 3 sections, as follows: Sec. I: Summary of the prescribed literary texts, Sec. II: An essay, Sec. III: Language Structure equivalent to level B2.2, and an interview. Kindly show your self attested qualifying exam certificate's for the entrance test /Personal interview.


For entrance test material 




The following fees for M.A. & M.A. (Hons.) in German Studies shall be applicable for each year.

          i)                 Tuition fees                                        Rs. 1000/             

          ii)                Application Form fee                        Rs. 100/-

          iii)               Other charges                                    Rs. 250/-

          iv)               Library fee                                          Rs. 1080/-

          v)                Gymkhana                                          Rs. 200/-

          vi)               Admission Processing fee                 Rs. 200/-

          vii)              Vice Chancellors fund                       Rs. 20/-

          viii)             Magazine                                            Rs. 100/-

          ix)               Identity Card                                      Rs. 50/-

          x)                Student Welfare                                 Rs. 50/-

          xi)               University sports and cultural

                                       activity                                       Rs. 30/-

          xii)              Development fee                               Rs. 500/-

          xiii)             Utility                                                   Rs. 250/-

          xiv)             Computer/Internet                            Rs. 500/-

          xv)              e suvidha                                            Rs. 50/-

          xvi)             e charges                                            Rs. 20/-

          xvii)            Disaster relief fund                             Rs. 10/-

          xviii)           P.G. Registration fee                          Rs. 1000/-

          xix)             P.G. Registration form                       Rs. 25/-

          xx)              Caution money                                  Rs. 150/-

          xxi)             Railway concession                            Rs. 20/-      

          xxii)            Document verification                       Rs. 400/-


                              Total fees                                          Rs. 6,005/- Fees subject to change

          xxiii)           Project fee (only for Part II)

*Fees are subject to change.


Duration: Two Academic Years.

TimingsFive days a week. Mon-Thurs, 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Fri - 1130 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Exam: Continuous Evaluation (40 marks) and Semester End Exam (60 marks)

Standard of Passing: Students should secure minimum 4 Grade points (40%) i.e. Letter Grade D in each course and complete 75% attendance.

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