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The basic aim of this programme is to introduce the students to the elementary knowledge of the language, its grammar, phonetics and the three different scripts.


Eligibility: S.S.C. / I.C.S.E. / C.B.S.E. i.e. Certificate of having cleared the 10th Standard Examination recognised by this Universit



Tuition fees: Rs. 3,460/- per annum. Registration: Rs. 40/-  (Fees subject to change)

Exam fees: Rs. 1,060/- (to be paid in December)


Duration: One Academic Year


Timings: Twice a week, 2 hrs each or once a week, 4 hrs.



Written Exam: 100 marks    Oral Exam: 50 marks


Standard of Passing: Minimum of 50% in written exam and 50% in oral exam separately.

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