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Best practices of the Department of German, University of Mumbai


1. Annual academic exchange and joint research projects with top German and Indian Universities funded by German Academic Exchange Service.


2. Bimonthly M.A. and Ph.D. research colloquia.


3. Interdisciplinary Ph.D. research colloquium. 


4. Constant student and faculty interaction with German experts.


5. Post-graduate students are trained to teach the part time German language programmes.


6. Exchange semesters/ Scholarships at German Universities of Freiburg & Göttingen for meritorious students.


7. Credit transfer for all exchange students from Germany and to the University of Göttingen.


8. Students are exposed to live projects in the Department.


9. Field Visits for History of Art in Mumbai.


10. Weekly IQAC full-time faculty meetings and periodical part-time faculty meetings.


11. Online admissions for part-time courses as a live project for the students of the Department of IT, University of Mumbai.


12. Generation of Digital Apps for German language learning.


13. Transfer of know-how across disciplines by use of techniques for teaching of German as a foreign language for the teaching of regional language Marathi to nonnative speakers and generation of online and offline teaching material for Marathi.

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