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Links for the App,  books for 6 levels of Marathi and for 4 target groups along with audiovisuals for learning Marathi. These are 18 books and 1 App. The App is available both as Webapp and Android. For a better learning experience we recommend opening the book links on PC or Laptop. 


University of Mumbai & Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha. 


Level 1 Android App 


Level 1 Web App 


My Marathi Level 1 


My Marathi Level 2 


My Marathi Level 3 


My Marathi Level 4 


My Marathi Level 5 


My Marathi Level 6 


Marathi for Nurses 


Marathi for Riksha and Taxi drivers  


Marathi for Bank Employees 


Official Marathi

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